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December 9, 2020
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Private Speaking Engagements and Keynote Address

As a Chicago Native and Millennial, Darren Brown connects with a diverse audience, going beyond trendy pop culture to inspire entrepreneurs to take control of their futures. Unfortunately, many small business owners are largely uninformed about how to properly brand and market their businesses on social media and are often frustrated by a lack of leads and sales.Thousands from around the globe listen when Darren speaks. Millions more have seen him on several major television networks such as TLC, NBC, FOX, and NBC. By using layman’s terms and offering simple, step-by-step advice, listeners easily gain the confidence and know-how needed to make informed decisions about their business. As a twist, he also explores the pressures and “psychology” behind being an entrepreneur and what it takes to be successful. Now, you can bring Darren Brown directly to your audience to provide innovative branding tips, creative marketing strategies and sheer motivation! Great organizations know that keeping their team motivated has a huge impact on the productivity and future of the company. If you want the most inspirational no holds barred presentation to rock your company then look no further.